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Neat and Tidy Cables

Ever look at your cables and then look at those in the magazines and books and wonder how the designer got such a tidy looking cable?   Well, the answer lies in a couple of techniques that keep the stitches in the cable and right next to the cable all the same size.

First, just like ribbing, when changing from a knit to a purl, or visa versa, bring the yarn straight back or forward and give a little tug to get rid of the slack in the yarn.

Second, keep the stitches in the cable from stretching out by working at the tips of the needles through the cable section on a row where the stitches are crossed.  You’ll be amazed at how neat and tidy those cables will look.

Third, manipulate the stitches if necessary to get rid of looseness.  Loose stitches usually occur on the left side of the cable if the cable is a left or front cross and on the right side if the cable is a right or back cross.

That’s about it, just practice and those fun cables will look even better.

This pattern can be found by clicking on the ravelry pattern link, or just go to ravlery, click patterns, and then type in Margie Mitchell.