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Flared Ribbing

Flared Ribbing

Fashionable flared ribbing can look great, but there are a few tricks.

Flared ribbing involves casting on more stitches than needed, for a cuff as an example, and decreasing an inch or so before the cuff ends.  The decreasing can also be done more gradually.  Usually, there are more purl stitches than knit stitches to start with and the purl stitches get decreased to create the flare.

The first trick is to avoid holes when decreasing.  Simply tighten up the decrease and on the next row, knit the decreased stitches a little more firmly and the flared ribbing will look flawless.

The second trick is to use a tight decrease.  A ssk is usually tighter than a k2tog.  If the decrease is done on the wrong side try a ssp instead of a p2tog.  If the decrease uses both a knit and a purl stitch, use the decrease that leaves the knit stitch prominent; however, you can configure the decreases to take advantage of the tighter decrease.

Here is my design for a Self-Strip Cabled Shrug available on ravelry.  http://www.ravelry.com/designers/margie-mitchell