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Neat and Tidy Knit and Purl Patterns without handstrain

So you’re making seed stitch, moss stitch, or a diamond brocade pattern and there are holes in your knitted work.  Your hands are about to fall off from trying to knit it so tight and yank the yarn back tight enough.  You have handstrain.

Here’s the solution.  Purl stitches tend to need more yarn to accomplish; this leads to a looser stitch.  Try wrapping the yarn under the needle, like for a knit, instead of over the the needle.  This uses less yarn and gives a great knit and purl fabric.  The catch, the purl stitch is oriented the wrong way when you come to it on the next row or round.  Simply work in the back of the stitch that is not oriented correctly and there will not be a twisted stitch.  It’s pretty easy to get used to, your knit and purl patterns will never look better, and your hands will feel much better.