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Flower Intarsia Sock

Here is the front of the sock, showing the flower designs.  This has been knit with both the back and forth with jogless join method and by knitting in the round where no pattern is.  Look mom – no seams!


Seamless Intarsia Socks – The Jogless Join

The newest design that I am working on is a sock with three sweet flowers down the front of the sock.  This involves using intarsia, working the color only in the area needed with small amounts of yarn.   The knitted piece must be knitted back and forth so that the yarn used in part of the row is on the correct side of the knitting so that it can be worked again.  With socks, this means that circular knitting and intarsia don’t mix.   And, well, seams do not feel so great, so what is a knitter to do?  Well, that’s where the jogless join comes in.   You can construct the sock in the round and get a seamless sock, but you will not be knitting in the round where the intarsia/flowers will be worked.  This leaves a barley noticeable join and seamless sock with a cute design.  Next post I will upload a picture of the sock and photos on the technique, as well as explain it more detail.  The sock pattern will be available on my Ravelry store.  http://www.ravelry.com/designers/margie-mitchell