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Adding Cute Details to Baby Knits

Infant and toddlers are fun to knit for; the garments go quickly and often the construction is easy.

While easy construction is nice, adding a few details to make it special  adds that smart, unique look that says quality.  In the baby dress pictured, there are several details.  The front and back box pleats add room without the gathers that are so hard to look right in a knitted garment.  Then there is the frill bind off and cast on that add just a touch of frills without going overboard.  The waist has a one row purl border and a stockinette middle.

Then there are details that make the dress more user friendly; notice the V-back to add a little more room for baby’s head.  Coordinating color with a variagated yarn can add a fun touch with little extra work.

To purchase this design or my other designs, see my raverly page at http://www.ravelry.com/designers/margie-mitchell

I will be writing twice a month from now on,  in the middle of March I will be discussing neat and tidy knit and purl stitch patterns without hand strain.


Decorative Bind Off

Toe up socks have many advantages, one is the nicely shaped

toes and the fit as you go contructon.  Cuff down socks have

advantage of a tidy, stretchy cuff.  The design in the photo

above is worked from the toe to just before the cuff, and the

cuff is worked separately; then the cuff is attached to the main

sock with combination 3-needle and frilled bind off.

To accomplish this, the cuff section and the main sock section

are put wrong sides together and one stitch is knit alternately

from the main sock and the cuff and bound off at the same

time.  This results in a nice looking edge that is decorative

and gives you the best of both worlds; toe up and cuff down

with a nice decorative edge.

3-needle bind off alone would give a definite chopped look.

For more information on the design pictured, please visit