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Knitting Virtuoso

2012-02-16 08.27.18

My new website is called Knitting Virtuoso.  Here you will find hand painted yarns, PDF knitting patterns to download, and knitting courses.  The knitting courses available are part of the Knitting Virtuoso Series.  This series is similar to the master knitting program.

Like the master knitting program, experts evaluate the swatches, projects, and written work.  This is a correspondence course with items being mailed for evaluation.  You may take your time, but it is best to complete the program in 1 year.

Unlike the master knitting program, the swatches come with information helpful to the success of the given swatch, project, or written work assignment.  While self study is required, Knitting Virtuoso takes more of the guess work out of the equation.  No formal reports are required.  Instead there is required reading in certain subjects as well as summary paragraphs.  Questions to study and answer are also part of the program.  Instead of one large amount of work to send in before feedback is given,  each phase is divided into 3 assignments, giving faster feedback, and more ability to revise other assignments within the phase.

The Knitting Virtuoso Series also has four parts.  Each phase results in a certificate upon successful completion, and after the first 3 phases the title of Knitting Virtuoso is bestowed.  A fourth phase is available for those who would like to get a taste for designing.  This program also is more project oriented, with an emphasis on construction techniques of various knitted items.

The experts behind the Knitting Virtuoso series are here to help you achieve success and become a knowledgeable expert one certificate at a time.  The different phases will be rolled out over time.  Phase I is available as of May 15, 2013, with Phase II available in August.

The yarn colors used in the latest pattern Shawl de Sol is available exclusively at knittingvirtuoso.com.

Take a look at the new website knittingvirtuoso.com